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  • Difficult dilemmas of radical innovators

    From time to time, but relatively very rarely, ideas emerge in various industries for completely different ways of doing business. When a unique development strategy, based on radical technological...

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  • Reducing the dosage of chemicals contributes to the greening of agriculture, but it is not an ecological measure.

    Today's market of agricultural products and services is full of companies and solutions that claim the right to be treated as leaders in the process of transforming agriculture into agroecology....

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  • Apply fertilization only according to the recommendations of the 'doctor'.

    Some patients, often unfortunately due to poverty or foolishness, do not respect medical recommendations and reach for prescribed medications in their own way, arbitrarily changing their dosages. But...

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  • Rescue for agroecology, free from too far-reaching compromises

    Thomas Sowell, a great contemporary thinker, repeats on every occasion that in reality there are no true solutions, only more or less far-reaching compromises. Most often political ones. And such a...

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  • Innovative fertilization as the best response to unexpected frosts

    Increasing weather anomalies dramatically increase the risk for all commercial agricultural crops, from rapeseed and vineyards to bushes and fruit trees. Just recently, after the attack of almost...

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  • European leadership in agroecology

    As Europe's agroecology leader, TiCuNa aims to maintain a prominent position in advancing, implementing, and promoting agroecological practices not only within Europe but also globally. We bring...

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